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I am not a runner; I run.

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Many people know that I run. In high school, I didn’t really play sports. Well, I was on the swim team in 9th grade but never a “running” sport. So, fast forward to 2005, I had just had my third son, Daimon. At that moment (and for the next 8 months), I had three kids, all under the age of three. That was hands down, the hardest time of my life, but that’s another blog for another day. So, there I was— 24 y/o with a killer mom body #NotCute. I needed to get healthy, and I had no time to do it with the three little ones at home. I started running, because it gave me the most bang for my buck. Over the years, through the course of multiple pregnancies, being stressed, and navigating a career, I’ve found that no exercise gives MY body the results that running gives it. Fourteen years and three additional kids later, it has been the game changer to my “snap back”. And with some consistency, I can maintain an average weight. It’s a no brainer for me.

So... I run. But I am not a RUNNER. Runners have a love for running. They want to run, they choose to run, they sign up for marathons and such. That is not me. I’m in it strictly for the benefits, but my dedication is often misinterpreted. But that’s who I am. I have a very strong “muscle through”. My ability to put aside what I FEEL like doing, for what WILL get done is my innate quality to being a great mother. It’s my secret sauce. It’s the ability to see the forest and not get distracted by the trees. It’s mom juice.

But if I am not a runner, then what am I? What am I willing and eager to associate myself with? During a trip to LA, this topic came up with my mother and sister, and I was stumped. I do many things and fill many roles, but my sole response to “But who are YOU?” was… “I am a mother”. Really? 37 years of life, 6 kids, 1 marriage, and 2 degrees later, and… “I am a mother”. That's all I got? Many years have gone by, and in my chaos, I had lost the passion of having a love of my own. I run, but I’m no runner. I bake, but I’m no baker. I dance, but I’m no dancer. It was then that I realized that I got lost in… what needed to be done.

My love for being a mother is awesome. It’s the glue that holds the #JacobsPartyOf8 together. I’m great at that. But my mother was right. As a mother, I need to be someone for myself. I need to identify with something of my own that brings me joy. I think I may have found it.

I am not a runner; I am a mother luvin’ blogger. Today :)

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