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I got Stubborn Weight!

May 2018 vs. May 2019

From last May to this May, I’ve lost about 45lbs on #WeightWatchers. A total of 50lbs, over the whole year, have leveled off at a nice, even 45lbs, to date #TheStruggleIsReal. The very first time I successfully lost weight on #WW was in 2005. I was VERY serious. I went to weekly meetings, weighed in for accountability, and did everything by the book. Nothing swayed my determination, and that year, I became a lifetime member. My eating habits were really transformed. I like this program because you have full control of what you eat, and it really teaches you constraint. I don’t know, it just seems to work for me, time and time again. The current program is so convenient and completely online, so between pregnancies, this is my go-to snap-back routine that fits with my active lifestyle.

After having Davis last February, I had climbed to my heaviest weight ever. So, in May, two months postpartum, I was happy and eager to jump back on the WW wagon. From last May to that November, I quickly shed my current weight loss. It’s crazy how fast eating habits can produce a noticeable change (bad or good). Since November, I have been struggling to get this last, pesky little 15lbs off, to reach my personal goal.

This time around, at the ripe old age of 37, something is different. I just cannot seem to shed the pounds like I used to in years past. I’m counting points, running miles, and drinking water, but this weight is STUBBORN and on strike. It’s like “Hell no, we won’t go!” So, I did what any intelligent, resourceful registered nurse would do. I turned to google. How… to... lose… stubborn… weight. Ok. I think my thyroid and diabetes is under control… next article. My stress level is high, but I don’t think there is a cure coming in the next 18 years… next article. That left me reading about clean eating #blah and daily exercise. Look… I’m not claiming to eat “clean”, but my choices are certainly "tidy". And I’m not exercising daily, but I do my share! It was evident- I just don’t have the necessary dedication this time around. Me +15 really isn't looking too shabby, right about now.

As I exited out of that final tab, it dawned on me. I’m 37, and things have changed, drastically. When I did WW 14 years ago, I was this bright eyed, overachieving adult. I made sacrifices like no other. Every bit of food was measured, counted, and calculated. I had food goals, water goals, and fitness goals. I was utterly ridiculous. Now, I’m an older, tired, stressed Mother of (even more) Wildlings. My demands in this hostage situation are clear. Every morning, I HAVEEEE to have… my cup(s) of coffee. And please, don’t even mention skim! I need the half and half, layer of saturated fat, to melt in my mouth, just right. I will NOT… order dinner at a restaurant, without first exploring my dessert options. Dessert dictates my meal. And a chocolate lava cake is not going to erupt in the back of some kitchen alone. That belongs on my plate. I do NOT… turn down a lemon drop martini (or any libation, for that matter). We are all going to die soon, and I want it said at my funeral: She had a GOOD TIME! You just can’t do that with a diet coke in your hand. Sorry, YOLO.

Yes, I want to be at a healthy, feel-good weight. I want to be a size 8 and cute. However, I already sacrifice in so many areas of my life, that today, at 37, my weight watching takes a back seat. I will always moderately choose: family gatherings, work dinners, and chocolate lava cakes, first. Weight, you are a close second.

I stand corrected. It's not: I got stubborn weight!

It’s: Weight, I've gotten stubborn.

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