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Mother's Day vs Father's Day

Being a nurse, my schedule is pretty much set months in advance. This forces me to think ahead and plan my life accordingly. Back in February, I saw that Mother’s Day was “approaching”, so I decided to deliberately schedule myself off that particular Sunday, just in case. I was neither planning or expecting anything, but I wanted to be available… should a something special arise *wink wink*.

Mother’s Day is special. It’s like a birthday in the fact that- it’s unique to you, but you also share the day with others. Yeah, there are other mothers, but usually just one per household. And yeah, there are many mothers, but only one birthed you. All may sacrifice, but no two mothers give of herself the same. That is really special. That is to be celebrated. While we are not expecting a full Mummers parade, my fellow comrades and myself would appreciate some better planned acknowledgement. Speaking for myself, after I’ve rationed scarce resources and effectively kept six humans alive for yet another year, may I suggest… a block party? A little cookout? Dinner reservations??? Either way, it’s February, I’m off, and I’m available. Just saying.

This year, similar to years in the past, Mother’s Day came without a surprise, designated on the American calendar, a whole year in advance. And I did, in fact, have a NICE day. I had lovely flowers, beautiful cards, and breakfast in bed from my favorite diner. And I relaxed.

And relaxed...

And relaxed…

When I couldn’t relax anymore (because I’m not a relaxer), I inquired about dinner. After some discussion and interesting debate over the phrase “your possibilities are endless”, I settled on ordering a take-out steak from a nearby restaurant. My Mother’s Day was very much a relaxing Sunday at home with my boys.

Father’s Day is approaching, as it does every 365 days. In March, I made sure I was off, and I’ve already had deep, inner discussions with myself on how I can make Varday feel valued and appreciated. Nothing is ever flashy about Father’s Day, but for me, it’s about making him feel special. I usually order at least one personalized item, because to me, that signifies true thought and planning. Cards are signed ahead of time, dinner reservations are squared away, and we almost always do some sort of activity together. Father’s Day is special. Once a year, a day is set aside to deliberately acknowledge the one special father in our house, and we do just that.

Come Father’s Day, I am relaxing… not because that’s my ultimate goal in life, but I’m relaxing because I have done the necessary preparations to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Why is it that Mother’s Day doesn’t get the respect that it’s due? Should I chalk up this discrepancy to the nature of men and women in regards to anticipation and preparedness? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that- as I wait for my Father’s Day Etsy order to arrive, I only have 16 more days to find a reasonable buffet for 8 people.

The cycle continues…

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