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Sowing New Seeds in 2021

Globally, 2020 was a devastating year, with loss being felt by nearly every family. The loss of life was the most crippling, but it had the audacity to be coupled with unemployment, civil unrest, widespread shut-downs, a bunch of rules and regulations, and never ending hopelessness. By the time we were in the final stretch of 2020, every single complaint was valid in my opinion. No complaint was too small. If your gripe was regarding missing your manicures, there it is. I feel your pain, Sis! We are ALL ready to move onto better, more manicured days.

In my house, things were "ok”. Sure, my husband was almost laid off in the spring, which still has me a little salty. And yeah, my first born was among the senior class who... didn't go to prom, never quite finished, and were expected to enjoy their first year of college from home. Oh, and don’t mind the unmotivated football team (represented by my other sons) who are laying in bed while on a zoom lecture, expected to be focused and driven (qualities that may or may not even be in their DNA). I swear, the other day, even the Wi-Fi was fed up. Everyone in this house is on multiple devices at the same time... Netflix, Apple music, playing an online game with dad. "If you only knew those spelling words the way you know the song lyrics..."

All things considered, my family was actually very fortunate throughout this pandemic. Despite five of us working outside of the home (as essential workers), no one ever showed signs/symptoms of the virus. Some of the boys were even able to participate in a modified football season, which was a much needed rainbow during the storm. Ultimately, once I gave up running my usual organized household, and I... disregarded my email notifications, adamantly refused to check another grade, and held my poker face while saying, "I don't know what's for dinner, nor do I care"... 2020 felt less suffocating.

Outside of the house, 2020 eventually seemed to level off, also. There was a new emphasis on "family time", with Christmas even feeling less commercialized. People seemed sympathetic, and there was an emerging appreciation for ALL essential workers. We watched as entrepreneurs sprouted, and businesses re-invented themselves to survive. And most hopeful, despite your opinion, the arrival of the vaccine symbolized optimism in a time of despair.

Whether your glass was half empty or just empty, 2020 was treacherous, at best. The soil was bad; the sun didn‘t shine; the harvest was barren. DEAD. But, a new season is among us! So, I’m plowing ahead and moving forward, determined to make this year fruitful. I'm sowing new seeds in 2021!

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