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The Days are Long, but The Years are Short

On this day, fourteen years ago, all parties involved can agree… that we actually experienced the longest day in the HISTORY of mankind. Our wedding was, at minimum, 48 hours long. It was pure chaos leading up to the nuptials, as we were still coordinating last minute mishaps. I managed to be on time, while Varday was late, at no fault of his own. The service was deathly long. One of the groomsmen almost passed out, and we had our three miserable kids (all under 3 years old), who cried throughout the entire service. Pastor butchered my name, despite knowing me for years prior, and that went on to be the most delightful part of the whole ceremony. We improvised our way through the reception, and when the curtain closed, and everything was said and done… we retired at home, as newlyweds with three kids in tow, like nothing special had happened.

The. Longest. Day. Ever.

That pretty much set the tone for the marriage. We have built a comfortable life around being uncomfortable, one long day at a time. Since then, we’ve doubled our kid count, acquired a house, matriculated, started a business, and lost precious loved ones. Days are filled with learning and loving each kid, juggling schedules, divvying up responsibilities, quick meals, and just basically, treading the waters of life. We’ve been on many vacations, taking a break; but we’ve also seen a food bank or two, needing a break.

Days were long, indeed.

As I sit here, behind my laptop, on our 14th Anniversary, I watch Davis eat cut apples, dreadfully anticipate the sound of the school bus coming to a screeching stop, and reflect. Sheesh, these years have gone by fast. The simple days of neighborhood parks and hot dog dinners are long gone and only expected to resurface through my kid’s kids. Next year, my oldest will be in college, and the former Baby will be in middle school (Lord, help us all). I am literally preparing boys to be men, as Varday and I now need a full strategic plan for everything we do in life.

The days are long, but the years are way too short.

There is no one else I’d rather weather this tortuously rewarding, disturbingly pleasant life storm with. Happy Anniversary, Varday.

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