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The Non-Walker

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

My sister said I should start this blog off like an autobiography, with an overall summary of my family and build onto the stories from there. I probably should introduce the kids one by one and ease into the chaos, ever so eloquently. But, that’s not how MY life works! Nothing in my life is eloquent, nor is it in sequence. My life is a “get in where you fit in” and “hold onto your sanity with two hands” type of gig.

So allow me to jump right into my first order of business.... My baby is 14 months and does not walk!!

Prior to this, I had five whole kids that all walked before their first birthday. That was normal, and I didn’t think twice about it, really. Until... along comes #6... at a snail’s pace. It was like- I had this awesome parenting record, that is essentially wiped out by a... “non-walker”?? As each day passes, and this kid’s 15 month appointment gets closer and closer, I'm dreading having to explain my subpar parenting to a pediatrician who, in my mind, has her grade book out, ready to fail me for this kid. Sixteen years of parenting- disregarded over one non-walker. Smh.

But, what I have learned through this whole experience of raising a non-walker is that there is a secret society of mothers. Their code is this unspoken solidarity to never let another mother feel alone. Every mother that I have told my non-walker story to responds with a: “Don’t worry. My nephew didn’t walk until he was 15 months”. As non-walker gets older, so does the age of the imaginary "nephew". I know they’re lying, and I don’t care. The gesture is appreciated, and just like that, I feel... only like a mother COULD make me feel. Better.

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