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The School Lunch Campaign

I read a report that suggests the current School Lunch System has evolved into a huge money-making business. This report is actually my bank account statement. Since September, I have paid the "Pay For It" system over $2500 for school lunches. Now... I do have a basketball team, but shouldn't I be getting group discount? Shouldn't we ALL be getting a school community group discount?? How can the United Nations Food Program feed a child in Africa, three meals for 50 cents daily, but I have to allot $7 per day, just for lunch, so my kids can eat at their A La Carte School Restaurant?!

When I was a child, school lunch was not an expense that my parents had to factor into the family budget. Midday sustenance was not a business. Lunch was a reasonable cost... like, $1 per day, arranged for parent convenience. They fed hundreds of kids a generic lunch, and if you were hungry, you ate. We were, and we did. Chicken patties were a usual staple, and if that wasn't your "thing", you could always opt for the PB&J. The mini carton of milk or the water fountain were your drink options. Nobody died. This lunch system of the '90's eliminated economic disparities, because we were all on the same playing field in the lunch room. We were happy, we were equal, we were healthy, but more importantly, we were appreciative.

Not only is the current A La Carte School Restaurant capitalizing on the family dollar, but they are also contributing to the mentality of our entitled kids, today. Because of lunch bundles, add-ons, and endless options at school, kids are unappreciative of reasonable family meals at home. After hearing what we are having for dinner, my kids actually contemplate their level of hunger. I truly believe they weigh the options within themselves... sometimes choosing to hold out for the next school lunch. If I’m eating Chick Fil-a for dinner, they think they should have it too. And please, don’t you dare offer them a leftover! It's all just absurd.

In conclusion, I urge all lunch entrepreneurs to reconsider your business practices, what you are doing to the family budget, and the life lessons you are teaching our children. How can they appreciate home tap water, if they’re getting "Life Water" for $2.50 on an ordinary Wednesday? #TrueStory. How can they appreciate this very expensive $1.99/lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, if they’ve never been subject to the lunchroom “chicken” parmesan? How can they appreciate this crock pot concoction, if they’ve never had that questionable school beef stroganoff? Let’s be more responsible with our youth and teach them the food struggle. And at the same time, let’s end this financial struggle for families!

Thank you.

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