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What is the Deadly Amount of Microwave Radiation?

I had another blog all written out and ready to go for today, but now, I have more pressing matters to address. I’m already annoyed at the fact that I’m heating up a boneless, skinless chicken breast for lunch *insert eye roll* *open, then slam close the Weight Watchers app*; but now I’m further irritated at the lingering worthlessness of our broken microwave door. This microwave door has been (at best) impractical for “a minute”, now. But today, coupled with this zero-point chicken breast, it has put me over the edge.

You see, in order for the microwave to function in this house, you need to manually hold the microwave door shut. So, my reward of a leftover chicken breast comes only after a 2-minute sacrifice of idleness and a commitment to arm muscle fatigue. How does one even break the microwave door? It’s not hanging off the hinges, but it’s broken just enough to remind you just how disrespectful boys are… each time you use it.

One of the most frustrating things about living in a house with six boys is how disrespectful they are to standing and purposeful structures. Appliances that should last 20 years may make it 5 years in this house. We’ve lived here for over ten years, and we’re on our 2nd microwave, 2nd stove, 2nd dishwasher, 2nd washer/dryer, and third refrigerator. Well technically, it’s our 4th refrigerator, because we bought a backup, which we house in the basement. We’ve replaced screen doors, dining room tables, and countless window blinds. No bathroom door in this house has an effective opening and closing mechanism: both have some sort of “technique” that must be applied in order to effectively go in and out. Regular visitors know where NOT to sit on our couch, if you don’t want to fall through to the floor. Oh, and if you want to see a bunk bed lean… leave it over here for some time.

So, I can’t do it, and I won’t do it. I’m holding off. Instead of putting more money into a house that I swear they are trying to tear down from the roof to the foundation… with my right hand, I google “what is the deadly amount of microwave radiation”, and with my left hand, I hold the microwave door shut.

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