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When life gives you crumbs...just keep sweeping!

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here sweeping... again. Three bedrooms, a brand-new kitchen, but what I looked forward to the most, NO CARPET. I wanted this house. All I thought about was this house. I drove my friends crazy talking about this house. A close friend of mine and I even had the idea of asking her 8-year-old daughter to use her connections with God and send one up for me. It was THAT deep! One thing that stuck out to me about the prayer was at the end, she said “and let her be grateful for what she got!” And baby, when I tell you that 8-year-old prayed that one prayer that makes things happen, because the next day we were approved.

Moving time came, I went and got my floors some Murphy’s Oil Soap, shined my babies up thinking I was doing something. WRONG! Less than a week after moving in, as soon as my two rambunctious boys got good & comfy, I walked in to what looked like a murder scene (cue in Michael Myers theme song). There was blood, okay, a bit much... CRUMBS EVERYWHERE! Day by day - LITERALLY - I had the chore of sweeping.

Here I was sending up the GOOD prayer, buying the GOOD soap, to only end up sweeping EVERY DARN DAY (well, let’s be honest more like every other day). This no carpet business was making more work for me, and I ain’t sign up for all this. Then one day it hit me, I remembered what my friend’s daughter prayed, “be grateful for what you got.” I was too busy complaining about having to sweep than being thankful for getting what I prayed for. I was humbled by an 8-year-old & her prayers. This taught me even as an adult life will never be what you expect or go as planned. So, the next time life brings extra crumbs, I will remind myself be “grateful for what I got” and get to sweeping!

LeAnna Cook

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